Retail POS

Limitless is a complete retail solution that gives you the power to control every aspect of your business. Keep track of your inventory, customers, control purchasing, and retail sales history.

  • Works Offline
  • Built-in Scheduling
  • Full Inventory Management
  • Real-time Remote Access
  • Multisite

Quick Serve and Bar POS

With Limitless POS, you will have the tools you need to serve customers efficiently as well as manage everything you require on the back end, from suggestive inventory ordering to built-in scheduling.

  • Works offline
  • Bar Tab Management
  • Complete Inventory Management
  • Real-time Remote Access
  • Multisite


Knowing exactly where your vehicles are is crucial to the profitability of your company, the safety of your employees and your peace of mind. With Limitless Logistix, you can keep track of all of your company vehicles using GPS tracking with our easy to use user interface.

  • Fleet Tracking
  • Asset Management
  • Investigation
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Personal Tracking
  • And More!


Limitless offers hardware designed specifically for the restaurant and retail environment. Multiple hardware options are available to fulfill the specific needs for your business. All the hardware we offer has been designed and tested to withstand daily, constant use.

  • Touch Screen
  • Integrated Technology
  • Cost Effective
  • Reliable Hardware
  • Additional Peripherals


Scheduling helps to keep all of your jobs organized through calendar events and also allows you to add new jobs to your calendar. Scheduling also helps you manage all of your employees and subcontractors and keeps track of each job as they begin and end them.

  • Works on Desktop and Mobile
  • Email Notifications
  • Counterpoint Integration
  • Live Updates


Booking connects your webpage calendar to your Counterpoint POS, allowing customers to register and pay for events online. Booking emails tickets and reciepts to guests and keeps your inventory up to date as well as lists availablilty for each item.

  • Counterpoint Integration
  • Dynamic Event Creation
  • Ticket Creation
  • Completely Customizable

Barcode Labels App

Our innovative Barcode Labels App scans and prints all of your store labels quickly and efficiently. The app is compatible with any smartphone, just download the app and start scanning. 

  • Works On Any Smart Phone 
  • No Extra Hardware Required
  • Integrates With Any POS
  • Print Directly From App