Sporting Goods
Point of Sale

Limitless POS comes fully loaded with features specifically designed for sporting goods stores to give you an edge over your competitors.

Set multiple pricing rules, manage scheduling, payroll and accounting, and sell your products online, all from a single, unified system.

Multiple Pricing and Price Rules

Multiple pricing and price rules makes managing and pricing your inventory more efficient. List multiple prices  and price rules per item based on size, color, location, and any other specification. Sell items individually or in bulk, all with the same item number.

With price rules you can easily add discounts and promotions to any of your items. Limitless supports EMV purchases so your transactions are more secure and your customers can use any form of payment they choose.
Scheduling and Payroll

Scheduling and Payroll

Manage all of your employees hours and rate of pay directly through Limitless. Job definitions allow you to set specific permissions per job so managers can access sales reports and schedule employees securely.

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QuickBooks Integration

Limitless POS integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, helping you to avoid costly accounting mistakes and makes it easy for you to import and export all of your accounting data quickly.

Quickly manage all of your accounting through Limitless to save you time so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most.

eCommerce Integration

Limitless Connector combines your eCommerce website with your physical store so customers can order online and pick up in store, helping to generating more revenue for your business.

With your integrated eCommerce website, you can generate revenue even when the doors are closed and open up your business to the online market.

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