Attractions Point of Sale

Manage online and on site ticket sales, gift shops, food services, and rentals all from a centralized system.

Ticketing and Admissions

Sell, track, and redeem tickets online and on-site in all areas of your business from general admissions, special shows and events, rides, and tours. Set special pricing rules for large group sales such as school groups.
Inventory Management Point of Sale

Online Booking

With Booking, you can schedule events online and set specific ticket quantites. Integrated point of sale functions allows you to manage online ticket availability and pricing directly from your POS. Online ticket sales are automitically updated in the POS. Tickets and reciepts are emailed directly to the customer.

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Operate Food Services

Limitless POS operates as your cafeteria and concessions point of sale system allowing you to easily manage all of your food services including cafeteria, concessions, cafes, and catering. With inventory management, you can track customer purchases and order food items for both your animals and your customers.

QuickBooks Integration

Limitless POS integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks, helping you to avoid costly accounting mistakes and makes it easy for you to import and export all of your accounting data quickly.

Quickly manage all of your accounting through Limitless to save you time so you can spend more time focusing on what matters most.

Retail POS for Your Industry

Gift Shop Point of Sale
Museum Point of Sale
Apparel Point of Sale